Offering microscopic biological services for the evaluation and analysis of micro-organisms in the soil, compost, and liquid amendments. 

Take a crucial step in regenerating your soil and environment today by learning what is really going on under the surface.

Increase Crop Yield

Nature has been using natural pest control and fertilizer for millions of years perfectly, and we can tap into that quintessential resource. You will be empowered to increase crop health and productivity, while replacing harmful and ineffective chemical inputs with beneficial micro-organisms - all while saving money and helping the environment.

Mimic Mother Nature

Scientists have estimated the world's oldest forests are 180 million years old. The forest biota has been thriving all that time without any help from mankind. We can learn from these systems and copy Mother Nature's success into our own farms, gardens, and landscapes.

The living biology in the soil is the key. These natural systems are fed and protected by micro-organisms.

How Can We Help?

At Biota Regen, we are certified lab technicians under Dr. Elaine Ingham's "Soil Food Web." Let us help restore your soil, farms, orchards, compost, garden, or landscaping by evaluating the micro-organisms present.

We offer microscope analysis of any soil, compost, or biological liquid amendments. Our trained staff will send a detailed report of what is in your sample, and what may be lacking to have the most productive environment for plant health.