About Us

Biota Regen is dedicated to transforming agricultural practices through the power of soil regeneration. Leveraging the pioneering principles of Dr. Elaine Ingham's Soil Food Web School, we provide cutting-edge soil regenerative services that promote sustainable and productive ecosystems. Our mission is to restore soil health, boost crop yields, and support environmental resilience.

Headquarters in Idaho Falls, Idaho.

Our Services in Eastern Idaho

Soil Assessment and Analysis

Comprehensive soil testing to determine biological activity, and soil structure.

Detailed reports and recommendations tailored to specific soil needs.

Custom Compost and Compost Tea Production

Creation of high-quality compost and compost teas rich in beneficial microorganisms.

On-site application services to enhance soil microbiome and plant health.

Biological Inoculants and Amendments

Application of bio-inoculants to introduce and sustain beneficial soil organisms.

Use of organic soil amendments to improve soil structure and fertility.

Application to soil, crops, foilage and trees

Soil Health Workshops and Training

Educational workshops for farmers, gardeners, and land managers on soil health principles.

Hands-on training in composting, soil biology, and regenerative agricultural practices.

Consultation and Soil Health Planning

Personalized consultation to develop long-term soil health and management plans.

Ongoing support and monitoring to ensure successful implementation and sustainability.

Why Choose Biota Regen?

Expertise: Our methods are grounded in the science of soil microbiology and the regenerative principles taught by Dr. Elaine Ingham.

Sustainability: We are committed to promoting practices that enhance the environment and reduce the need for chemical inputs.

Results-Driven: Our services are designed to yield measurable improvements in soil health, crop productivity, and ecological balance.

Community Focused: We aim to empower communities with knowledge and tools to foster resilient agricultural systems.

Serving Eastern Idaho

Biota Regen proudly serves the Eastern Idaho region, bringing our expertise and dedication to home owners, landscapers, local farmers, gardeners, and land managers. We are passionate about helping our community achieve thriving, sustainable land management.

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Join us on the journey to regenerate our soils and create a healthier planet. Contact Biota Regen today to learn more about our services and how we can help you achieve thriving, sustainable land management.